Merchandise meets Lifestyle


Hello everyone. It was a wonderful Spring weekend and my family decided to enjoy the sun on our bicycles. Being in the branding industry, I have access to more merchandise than I can fit in my large bike basket. So how do I choose what to take with me on the day trip?

Function – for the product to be seamlessly incorporated into my lifestyle, it has to be practical. I cannot struggle with the use of it, and it has to create a better day to day life experience.

Design – I want to feel good looking and using the product. The message it has must resonate with me on a personal level. It has to mean something to me. Whether it’s something I received at a conference or from my boss.


f you were the friends who received our SIGG thermo bottle, you will agree with me that this is awesome. Purely from a product design, this bottle will hold drinks for 10 hours hot or 24 hours cold. From a design standpoint, it reinforces my own value of my profession. Everything that we do, on a daily basis, from developing a client’s brand story to strengthening a supplier’s relationship, comes with love and passion. Since this is a SIGG bottle, I imagine that I will use this for life.


I have designed and made custom made socks for more than 40% of my clients. If it gets to 75%, I am going to change my title officially to the socks lady. Designing can be so much fun. Starting from thread colours, socks lengths, style, material, to packaging, the finished product can reflect who you are if done properly. Today, I choose to wear one with pops of colour from a collaboration with one of my favorite client, it was perfect for this sunny Spring weekend ride.

If you love what you see here, give me a shout and we can explore ways to incorporate merchandising into your brand story.