Meet the team.

Our team comes from various different backgrounds and fields, including design and fashion, business management, product development and startups. Our personalities mold us into a team where the sum is worth more than individual parts. From top to bottom, we have a never-ending curiosity about the people we meet, their ambitions, and what drives them. We are Creative Boulevard.


Winston Lo, President

As President, Winston is responsible for empowering the team at Creative Boulevard, as well as providing creative direction and leadership for the company across all client projects. He enjoys working with diverse personalities to explore different creative possibilities and is always excited to find new innovative ideas to solve problems. He loves getting clients involved with the creative process, in order to help them get their visions fully realized. In his free time, Winston enjoys playing sports, hanging out with friends and volunteering for various communities.


Candy Chui, Vice President Finance

Candy handles all of Creative Boulevard’s finances and numbers. She enjoys the flexible and dynamic nature of the team, and is often excited by new and innovative product ideas with which the company gets involved. Before joining Creative Boulevard, Candy worked in a variety of roles in the retail industry, specifically selling aromatherapy products and cosmetics. She also enjoys arranging and cutting flowers in her spare time.

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Cora Li, Production Manager

Cora oversees the logistical side of projects, which includes handling the shipping, billing and invoicing of sales orders. She works closely with Creative Boulevard’s suppliers, helping get clients’ artworks approved for various different categories of merchandise. She also oversees the scheduling of projects, helping make sure finished products are delivered on time. Before joining Creative Boulevard, she worked in the computer industry for several years. Outside of work, Cora enjoys spending time with family and going shopping.


ashley hagel, production coordinator

Ashley manages the workflow of projects from both new and existing clients. She also manages all daily production of decorated promotional products and apparels with local and national suppliers. When it comes to teamwork, she enjoys building relationships with her collaborators and is always eager to learn something new from others. Prior to joining Creative Boulevard, she worked in a small promotional products company where she served as Account Manager. Outside of work, Ashley enjoys spending time with her dogs, going on walks and exploring new places.



Kevin facilitates the needs of clients, working closely with them to turn their visions and ideas into a reality. He is an expert on branding, and always makes sure that clients are able to thoroughly express themselves authentically through various projects. He is most excited by opportunities to build relationships and connections with clients, as he believes developing a mutual sense of trust makes collaborations more meaningful and pleasurable. Outside of work, Kevin enjoys socializing and being active in the outdoors, as well as spending time with family and friends.


Evija Feiste, Account Manager

Evija is in charge of creating visuals and storyboards and connecting with clients, including holding meetings with them to help with their visions and designs. She always loves a challenge and greatly enjoys brainstorming ideas with her fellow colleagues, no matter the size or scope of the project. She also loves making friends out of new clients, as she believes that sharing stories and experiences is the best way to strengthen collaboration. Evija has a passion for travelling, and is excited by opportunities to learn more about different cultures and lifestyles around the world.