Connecting Emotions with Branded Confectionaries

Have you ever thought about the way confectionary affects us all?

Marketing and advertising is about emotion - not about utility. It’s about how you feel when you hold a tangible product in your hands. How you feel when you think about a certain brand. When you get a product that tastes great and brings a smile to your face, you pay more attention to what brand is on that product and where you got it from. Products like these are what inspire special, unforgettable moments. Creating a memorable emotional connection with a brand is as effortless as that! Sweets are bringing blissful emotions to new consumers.

We had a chance to interview Jamie Weksberg, the owner of Corporate Confections, a change maker and disrupter in the food segment of our industry. We were fascinated to hear his story and how his business has been changing the standards of branded confectionary.

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Jamie’s Background

Prior to joining Corporate Confections, he was a professional in the real estate industry. Looking for something more entrepreneurial and something to call his own, he got involved with a position at a bakery. Jamie never imagined himself working in the food industry, but was nonetheless open to all possibilities. It was there that Jamie discovered his love for food art and printing graphics onto cookies and cupcakes. However, business started floundering for the bakery. In a few years, Jamie ended up buying the business and changing its model to focus specifically on printing products for birthdays and anniversaries. Jamie believes in pushing the envelope forward and is not afraid to explore new and unique ideas. Corporate Confections was born!

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Corporate Confections

After just six years under Jamie’s ownership, business was taken to a whole new level. They now own a digital industrial printer that specializes in using edible inks to print graphics onto cookies and other baked goods. The same technology is used to print T-shirts, tins and other promotional products. When new orders are received, the cookies are made, baked, and cut right away, often times on the same day that the order was received. These cookies then take around two or three nights to air dry before they are packaged and shipped. With this unique printing technology, Corporate Confectionary is able to cultivate a unique selling point that constantly attracts new customers. Their largest order to date of 30,000 cookies was planned and shipped in just seven days. Consumers with dietary restrictions can also take a breather, as they have a number of gluten-free and nut-free recipes available for order.

Splattered Chocolate!

Corporate Confections also offers a unique product called splattered chocolates. These unconventional treats are eye-catching, creating lasting impact and sparks very interesting conversations. It’s Picasso on chocolates.

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Let’s get edibles into your marketing program. Reach out to our creative crew to start our next project together.