Best SWAG of 2018

The votes are in everyone, we present to you the best SWAG of 2018 according to your team at Creative Boulevard.

Tote Bags

Available in 25+ colours and material, the high quality versatile tote is company must have. We encouraged our clients to invest in a quality tote that is made to last. Design inspirations range from oversized prints, surf and beach, and cultural influenced graphics. This is a platform that we can really explore your creativity.

Denim Tote - Creative Boulevard.jpg

Graphic printed garments

Inspired by the surf and sun, graphic t’s and sweatshirts should be a stable in your wardrobe. it’s your opportunity to show you are a fan and support your local brands.

Bella Canvas Hoodie.jpg

Bold colours in beer and wine merchandise

We are moving towards a play on colourful merchandise. the pop and bright colours speaks to the more discerning customers, and adds a refreshing eye candy in an otherwise darker backdrop.

Wine Cooler  -Creative BOulevard.jpg


To really reach to the next level of brand merchandising, building a collection ensures that you have a nicely curated set of merchandise. The items in the collection compliments each other well. From a creative perspective, it’s spending time on trend reports, understanding how colours resonates a emotional response, and working with products of desire. This is a creative service available through a brand agency like Creative Boulevard, and we can collaborate with your graphics and design team to create a collection uniquely yours.


All the bottles

Not all bottles are made alike, and often we are asked why one style of bottle is more expensive than others. If you cut a side section of any of these 3 insulated styles, you will discover an airtight, double wall, copper coated stainless steel lining. These components boils down to keeping your hot drinks hot, and cold drinks cold. Like a vehicle, you can drive a less expensive car, or you can get behind the steering wheel of a German made machine. Both will get you from A to B, but your experience is different.



Nothing feels more comfortable than throwing on your favourite toques on those chilly days indoor or outdoor. We strive to produce toques that you want to wear all the time, and we invest in finding the best fitting, comfortable styles available in the market. Upgrade to a merino wool blend for a truly winter wonderland experience.

Black Riffle Coffe Company - creative BOUlevard.jpg

Custom Socks

The colour punch to your grey and navy suits or khakis. This is the chance to be playful, and support your club in a quiet way.


Lapel Pins

Create a collector’s item and show your support of your favourite cause. Lapel pins are a conversation starter at parties and gatherings.



We still prefer to write down our thoughts in our digital world. The one thing you want to pack with you on your travels are these beautiful traveller’s notebook. Write down your inspirations, poems, and stories to share for later.

Photo Credit: The Idea Partner

Photo Credit: The Idea Partner

Evija Feiste